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Foodie Penpals: July 2014


Sadly I’m rather (very) late in posting about my foodie penpal package for July – oops! Primarily this was due to Royal Mail holding things up *grumbles*. But it was well worth the wait!

  • Bieber bread/cake: Funny name aside, it is a spiced cake with marzipan in the middle – very tasty!
  • Eimalzin: Sort of malt cubes wrapped in chocolate – think of a cross between Malteasers and halva in texture. Love them but can’t seem to find anywhere that sells them over here 😦 If you know of anywhere in the UK that sells it…!
  • Kaserosti: Potato and cheese – a lovely savoury pancake!
  • Maple and walnut chocolate: Yum!
  • Swiss toffee: Basicly the bit on the middle of diam bars 😀
  • Milk Chocolate moose bar: Also very tasty
  • Snack up – fruit, chocolate and nuts mix
  • Chinese cooking sauce – looking forward to trying this soon!

If you fancy joining in the foodie penpal scheme in Europe then look at Carol Anne Grady at This is Rocksalt.


Foodie Penpals: February and March 2014






Hello all! Sorry I’m so damn late with both these posts, but between work, buying a house, being ill and training I honestly have no idea where the past couple of months have gone. Apologies to my lovely penpals who sent me these delicious selections – I’m not usually this haphazard in posting FPP stuff.

So, February’s package came from the lovely Drea Lee, who sent me a lovely Udon Noodle kit, along with some interesting chillies (which I’ve yet to try) and 3 fruit and nut ‘snack shots’ – all of which were great. I haven’t been able to find the snack-shots up here yet, but may have a crack at making my own 🙂

And the most recent package came from the lovely Steph H at Tubontherun for my March package of sweet goodies! Funnily enough all of it (except some of the spread) is now gone… The spread is great stuff and I’ve used it in baking too as a refined sugar substitute, and it’s worked really well.

If you fancy joining in the UK Foodie Penpals scheme hop on over to and the lovely Carol Anne will hook you up 🙂


Foodie Penpals October 2013



It’s great to be back to foodie penpalling after a month off – I did miss the mystery package coming through the door last month!

So, this month’s package comes from the lovely Fay at Food Fables, who has sent me a wonderfully decadent selection, including:

  • Feta and Red Pepper Meze – looking forward to this with some toasted pitta!
  • Stilton and Walnut biscuits – These sound wonderful 🙂
  • Butter and Seasalt Fudge – I may have started this already *om nom nom nom*
  • Caramel coffee – I usually find flavoured coffee a bit hit-or-miss, but this was very nice (I also added a bit of the coconut essence, and that worked really well)
  • Coconut essence – I sense that this weekend may include coconut and mango porridge… 🙂

If you’re interested in joining in, pop over to The Lean Green Bean (US/CAnada) or Rocksalt (UK) and they’ll give you the details. It’s great fun – you totally should!

Foodie Penpals: August 2013



I’m slightly delayed in posting my Foodie Penpal blog post for this month – it has been quite a busy few days, one way or another.

This month’s package comes from the lovely Agne, and all the way from Lithuania! Agne very kindly sent me an interesting range of specifically Lithuanian foods, and they’re great!

Buckwheat Honey: This is a type of honey I have never encountered before, but Agne’s Mum says it is the best kind of honey in the world 🙂 I’m keeping this in store for honey breads, as I think the nutty flavour of the honey will work well in that type of baking.

Smoked cheese: I haven’t tried this yet, but it looks great 🙂

Chocolate: a 70% chocolate map of Lithuania! 😀

Pastiles: I’ve never come across anything quite like these before! It seems to be a soft sweet made of whipped fruit juice/pulp and sugar. Agnes sent me three flavours: rhubarb, blueberry and blackcurrent, and they’re all lovely. The rhubarb one in particular is a bit like a cross between a biscuit texture and sherbert!

If you fancy joining our wandering band of gastronauts, meander on over to: if you’re in the UK/Europe, or if you’re in the States.

Next month I will be taking a short break from FPP as I’ll be away on holidays, but I’ll be back in October 🙂


Foodie Penpals: July 2013


This month’s Foodie Penpal Package comes from the lovely Ellen, who sent me a selection of local goodies, which I have/am looking forward to trying! Thanks Ellen, great selection!

Mr Stanley’s Dark Chocolate Classic Nougat with Almonds – This stuff is basically crack. The OH and I decimated the 100g bar between us in one sitting… Not a proud moment, but this nougat is utterly addictive! Fair to say I will be ordering some of this online…

British Chorizo I love chorizo, so I was delighted to find a pack of British chorizo in my parcel! Made from 100% British pork, fully compliant with welfare standards – what can I say other than I look forward to using this in my next paella!

Ghurkha curry sauce This is curry sauce with a heart! Made by wives and families of serving Ghurkha soldiers, some of the profit goes towards supporting the troops and their families – which is pretty good 🙂 And, what’s more, it sounds utterly delicious! This will be saved for the next time I have friends over for dinner 🙂

If you fancy joining our wandering band of gastronauts, meander on over to: if you’re in the UK/Europe, or if you’re in the States.


Foodie Penpals: June 2013

This month’s package comes from the lovely Annika at Annika put together a great package for me while on holiday in Canada – so it’s all new to me! Thanks to Annika, and please check out her blog 🙂







If you fancy joining our wandering band of gastronauts, meander on over to: if you’re in the UK/Europe, or if you’re in the States. 🙂

Foodie Penpals April 2013


This month’s package comes from the lovely Steph – thanks, it’s fab! Check out her blog – it’s awesome 🙂

Lovely dark chocolate

chocolate and spice tea

slim-line popcorn (my snack today)

a pot of porridge oats

freeze dried raspberries (had some in porridge this morning with some vanilla)

home-made vanilla essence (very subtle)

a miniture of Cointreau

Rose water

baking powder.

I have designs on the porridge oats, chocolate and Cointreau for over-indulgent porridge at the weekend…

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