Confessions and resolutions of a Yuppiebaker

Well, I have a confession to make. It’s not terribly shocking, but I am rather ashamed. Since Christmas I have put on a bit more weight than I am comfortable with; not a huge amount (well 10lb could be considered a huge amount by some…). And at least a little of that is to do with baking more regularly… oops… Actually, I don’t feel guilty about the baking part at all – after all, I’m enjoying it 🙂

So, before it goes any further, I’m going to do something about it. I lost a significant amount of weight a couple of years ago with Scottish Slimmers and got down to my target weight. I was very proud of this and I managed to maintain it for about a year before it started creeping on again.

My aim is to get back down to my target weight by mid-September in time for holidays and a couple of weddings. Fortunately the rubbish Summer weather has meant I haven’t felt the need to wear light/small clothes, it’s just a shame it’ll be Autumn again before I get back in shape… ho hum…

To aid my resolution I will probably take the baking back to once a week, on a Thursday evening when the OH has his friends over (so they can help remove temptation :-p) and any left-overs can go into the office as a treat for co-workers on the Friday.

I’ll keep a note of how it’s going, and will do a few of the nicer ‘healthy’ baking recipes I know 🙂


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